5 Best Water Filter Pitchers by Consumer Reports

Let’s say good-bye to those expensive water filtration systems. Start investing in water filter pitchers instead which are far more convenient. These water filter pitchers are self-sufficient. This makes them suitable for households and offices. They are easy to carry and store as well. They are responsible for producing clean drinking water and come in different shapes and sizes. This guide will help you identify what model serves your needs best and is worth buying.

Water purifier systems have been rather too fancy to buy. It is because of this that these water purifier pitchers are an inexpensive option. They can be used instantly without having to worry about installation. Features such as filter life, overall design and the types of contaminants they remove should be looked for as well.

These water filter pitchers come in different styles and offer a diverse range of options. When going through the review ask yourself a few questions. Would you like your water to taste and smell better or removing contaminants is more important? Are you willing to compromise quality over cost? Questions like these will help you identify your needs and areas of interests. This in turn will help you make a more effective decision.

Top 5 Best Water Filter Pitchers 2019

Product NameDimensions Weight Size  
ZeroWater12.2 x 5.9 x 11.6 inches3.9 pounds 10 cups Check Price
Brita Everyday10.9 x 6 x 11 inches1 pounds10 cups Check Price
AQUAGEAR11 x 10.9 x 5.7 inches2.4 pounds8 cups Check Price
Restore Alkaline11 x 5.5 x 10.2 inches2.1 pounds2 liters Check Price
PUR15.7 x 5.5 x 10.3 inches4.6 pounds18 cups Check Price

Why buy one?

For most of us, in-house water filtration and osmosis systems might seem as too expensive of an option. Also, they cannot be carried around or used in offices. A water filter pitcher, can be used instead as a more practical solution. We all question the safety of tap water. It can be especially harmful for our kids. This is why investing in a water purifier pitcher is a necessity. The best thing about these purifier jugs are that they come in variety of shapes and sizes. They can be kept in the fridges or carried around as well. They are convenient and improve the taste of the water along with removing the slightest of impurities.

Let’s take a look at how do these purifiers work. They come in various shapes and sizes but any standard model will have a lid, a filter and a container. How much of capacity can they hold and to what extent they clean your water varies. Their price is determined by the number of features they have to offer. This obviously doesn’t imply that the expensive the water filter pitcher the better the quality it will give. You should know that all these purifier jugs remove impurities from tap water to provide you cleaner water.

The filter in these water purifier systems come in two types. Activated carbon filters that clean water using particles of charcoal. Then there are cartridge filters. They make use of a process that passes the water through three to five layers of filtering materials. This cleans the water from all contaminants and impurities along with adding other elements in the process.

Carbon filters vs. Cartridge filters

Activated Carbon Filter

Activated carbon filters make use of a natural process called adsorption which adheres particles and dissolved solids to the filter. The activated charcoal in these carbon filters has a spongy surface. According to this article, activated carbon is known for removing inorganic and inorganic contaminants from water. When water is poured in the filter, the ions of the contaminants will be absorbed by the carbon, giving you access to cleaner water instantly. However, the problem with these water filters are that they require frequent changes as the carbon attracts excessive particles.

Cartridge Water Filters

Cartridge water filters on the other hand are more effective. They filter contaminants in the water without affecting the quality altogether. It passes the water through seven different stages. These stages not only improve the taste but enhance the nutritional content as well giving you more than just clean drinking water. These filters use multiple layers of filtering materials. These multiple layers are able to capture a huge variety of contaminants. They can even effectively remove viruses and tiny particulates that activated carbon cannot deal with. According to this article, a single cartridge style filter can remove viruses from up to 19,000 liters of water.

You can either be looking for a purifier that makes your water taste better or remove contaminants or both. Fortunately, most purifiers that we have listed provides you with both. Now the question is should you invest in a more expensive model or stick with the basic one? We would suggest you to not think about cost and rather just go for the one that suits your needs the most.

The Best Watcher Filter Pitchers

  • ZeroWater 23-cup-pitcher
  • Brita Everyday Pitcher
  • AQUAGEAR- 8 cup water purifier pitcher
  • Restore Alkaline Pitcher
  • PUR 18 cup filter dispenser

1. ZeroWater 23-cup-pitcher

ZeroWater 23-cup-pitcher


  • It can hold up to 23 cups of water and removes the slightest of impurities.
  • It uses a five-layered filter system. Each filter is responsible for removing different contaminants.
  • The first layer uses activated charcoal to eliminate chlorine and associated odors in your tap water.
  • The second one removes other residues and particles.
  • The rest three stages remove all other impurities from the water.


  • It comes with a laboratory grade water testing meter.
  • It guarantees to remove the slightest of impurities.
  • Comes with a five-layered filtration system.
  • It uses both; charcoal and cartridge filters.


  • It takes time to filtrate water.
  • Since it makes use of charcoal filters, the filter’s life would be shorter and may require frequent changes.

2. Brita Everyday Pitcher

Brita Everyday Pitcher


  • A standard model with a plastic pitcher, lid and filter
  • Can hold up to 10 cups
  • It eliminates contaminants such as chlorine, mercury, copper and cadmium and improves the taste of your water as well.
  • The lid of the jug can be opened easily allowing greater water to enter into the filter and makes the whole refilling process delightful.


  • It can be cleaned easily
  • It makes use of BPA free material
  • Enhances the taste of the tap water
  • Also removes odor from the water
  • Is not too costly
  • It allows easy fitting of other filters. They have a longer shelf-life than the standard filter used in the model.


  • The filter shelf-life is short
  • Does not provide filter changing details
  • Requires frequent changing of filters after every two months or so.

3. AQUAGEAR- 8 cup water purifier pitcher

AQUAGEAR- 8 cup water purifier pitcher


  • It is a moderate sized water purifier pitcher and can hold up to 8 cups of water.
  • It has a nice appearance and design.
  • It is highly effective in removing the slightest of impurities.
  • Improves the taste of the water. Also eliminates other odors from your tap water.


  • The quality of the filter is excellent. It can filter 150 gallons of water before you have to replace it again.
  • Can be recycled as well.
  • Guarantees to remove 89 contaminants including chlorine.
  • Comes with a replacement filter.
  • The materials used are BPA free.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Has a really high price.
  • Doesn’t have a filter indicator

4. Restore Alkaline Pitcher

Restore Alkaline Pitcher


  • Has an interesting appearance.
  • Comes with a clear reservoir. You can see how much water it contains.
  • Water is poured through a small hole that pushes the flap open. You do not have to hold the lid with your hand to fill in the water.
  • Comes with two different filters which are sold separately.
  • One filter uses a micro-net system along with coconut carbon charcoal. This allows effective removal of particles and other hard metals.
  • The other is the membrane filter. It eliminates 99.9% of both organic and non-organic elements from the water
  • Extremely effective in removing contaminants. It removes odor from your tap water as well.
  • Can hold up to 15 cups of water.


  • Is made from BPA free materials
  • It comes with a filter life indicator
  • Guarantees to remove the slightest of harmful elements found in your tap water.
  • Comes with two filters.
  • The lid has an electronic indicator. It helps you keep track of the replacement time of the filter.
  • The filter has an impressive shelf-life.


  • It is a little costly.
  • You need to fill the water till the top. It starts to leak otherwise.

5. PUR 18 cup filter dispenser

PUR 18 cup filter dispenser


  • It is a large water purifier pitcher.
  • Can hold a total of 18 cups of water.
  • The dispenser has a BPA free container. It contains a blue reservoir as well.
  • Can be fit into a fridge easily.
  • The filter uses heat treated coconut shell carbon. This makes the water taste and smell really great.


  • The filter is very effective in removing the contaminants and heavy metals.
  • The taste of the water is surprisingly better than others.
  • It comes with a tap that allows convenient access to water instantly.
  • It can hold a large capacity of water which is up to 18 cups.
  • It is affordable.


  • The filter has a short shelf-life. It requires frequent replacements after every 2-3 months.
  • It does not remove 100% of chlorine and fluoride.
  • Does not come with a filter indicator.
  • Complaints have been registered regarding the container. It started leaking after a few weeks of using them.

These were all the best water filter pitchers that we outlined for you. All of them are extremely effective in removing contaminants from your tap water. They also make the water taste and smell better by removing chlorine and odors from it. Keep in mind that all of these filters vary in size, capacity, materials used in filters and price. Each model serves the basic need which is the removal of contaminants. And so, the final choice rests on your needs and requirements.


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