For Effective Online Teaching, Make Jokes. Seriously

By Hannele Rubin In my online Editing in Translation classes, you’ll see rollicking forum discussions about the quality of Google Translate, the merits of Oxford commas, and the appropriate use of singular “they.” With about a dozen students in class, it’s not unusual to see more than 50 forum entries on a particular topic each […]

Best Practices for Blended Learning

By Jennifer Lauren By now, most educators and learners in higher education have had some exposure to blended courses: courses that are a mix of in-person and self-paced online learning, which may also have a synchronous component. This integrated format offers instructors several opportunities – and, at times, some challenges – when approaching their course […]

CAES Educational Roundtable: Rank, Title, and Privilege (RTP)

To help adjunct faculty better understand the policies and processes for promotion, two RTP members, Constance Zotos (SPS Chair, Office of the Dean) and April Krassner (Clinical Associate Professor of Developmental Writing, Associate Director of the Writing Development Division of the Office of the Dean) led a roundtable discussion on Monday, April 18. You can […]


Designing Assessments with Structure

Teaching is an exercise in trial and error. As a teacher of research methods, I understand this all too well. In terms of assessment, the challenge is knowing how many assignments to give the class over the semester.