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About Arty Water

We are often asked, “Why artichokes?” Artichokes contain valuable phytonutrients Silymarin and Cynarin. These plant compounds have numerous health benefits including liver detoxification, lowered cholesterol, weight management, improved skin texture and immune system protection. Artichokes also contain disease-fighting potassium, vitamin C, and magnesium.

More Details

Artichokes are popular in many regions of the world, however their preparation can be time-consuming and uniquely challenging to eat. So our team of scientists did the unthinkable by creating a delicious and nutritious, plant-based water made from the entire artichoke – heart, stem, leaf and flower. A patent-pending extraction process retains the nutrients, and the healthy benefits of artichokes are squeezed into every bottle.

ARTY™ Water is tastefully balanced with zesty hints of organic lemon, apple and spearmint. With only 30 cal per serving and lightly sweetened with organic blue agave and natural monk fruit.

The Arty Water Company proudly sources artichokes and fruit grown in the United States and supports farming communities that promote sustainability and conservation.

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Benefits of Arty


Targeted for daily hydration and post-exercise replenishment of nutrients.


Cynarin, Silymarinc.


ARTY™ is a vegan product.

Essential Vitamins

Vitamins A, E, C, B1, B2, B3, B6, and B9.

Free of

Lactose, gluten & cholesterol.

Vital Minerals

Sodium, Potassium, Iron, Calcium.

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USAMA MALIK | Ultra Marathoner and Global Citizen

Usama is the Founder and Managing Director of InnoAction and has worked with over 2 dozen Global 1000 companies across North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Usama has raised over $500,000 by running for charities worldwide.

Usama began running in 2010 with no previous experience and discovered ultra marathons while reading “Born to Run.” Eager for the challenge, Usama’s first official event was the 4Deserts Sahara Desert race in Egypt. This grueling, 160 mile self-supported race in the Sahara desert took 5 days to complete in temperatures that reached over 130 degrees.
Usama continues to run for a reason, raising money for charities such as Tomorrow’s Youth and Safe Kids Worldwide. He averages between 3500-4000 miles of running each year including numerous marathons and ultra marathons.

When asked, “Why do you run?” Usama replied, “I have a knack for the extremes in my life and I find that insight lies in the extremes. I am a global citizen, having been born, raised, and lived in half a dozen countries and traveled across several dozen others. I am passionate about growth, development, freedom, justice, and equality – and I spend a lot of time thinking about, writing about, debating, and participating in related issues, topics, and causes. I come from a very close-knit family and absolutely adore my two nieces, four nephews, and several other god children. Ultimately, whatever I try to do is in the service of building strong and resilient communities, and giving to them.”

CRYSTAL POLLARD | Visionary Sprinter

Crystal is the co-founder of A TRIBE CALLED SPRINTERS, a progressive fitness community that transforms lives through sprinting and speed training. Her extensive background in sports, from early childhood through collegiate competition at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, shaped Crystal’s ability to connect and unite people through fitness and athletic endeavors. A highly regarded certified personal trainer and group fitness coach, clients describe Crystal as energetic, passionate, motivating, positive, knowledgeable, thoughtful, challenging and fun. While her educational and professional resume are impressive, even more remarkable are the intangibles that truly define Crystal.

She is a visionary and loves to peer over the horizon and conjure up visions of what could be. She believes in stretching the circle wider always including people and making sure they feel part of the group. You may walk in Crystal’s class a stranger but always leave as a friend. Her instinctively accepting spirit guides all her personal and business principles. She is generous with praise, quick to smile, always on the lookout for the positive in a situation, and a professional hugger.

JESSICA BRANTLEY | Jungle Marathoner

When she’s not working in the biopharmaceutical industry or writing for ModVive, Jessica’s free time is spent cooking and staying active. Her athletic background includes endurance racing (marathons, triathlons, Tough Mudder) and most recently, the Jungle Marathon.

The Jungle Marathon, voted by CNN as the “world’s toughest endurance race,” is a self-sufficient stage race held in the Amazon Jungle. It is a 150km 4-day stage race that takes competitors through swamps, river crossing, steep climbs and descents and local beaches. This extreme course, combined with the heat and humidity of the Amazon Jungle, makes it an exciting and daunting race that tests both mental and physical tenacity.

This year, for the 10th year anniversary of the Jungle Marathon, the race directors designed a new, tougher course. Over 25% of the competitors dropped out of the race from heat exhaustion, fatigue and other injuries. With ARTY Water by her side throughout the race, Jessica completed this epic event!

JANEL DuROSS | Movement & Nutrition Educator

Movement is an important part of our lives, yet we are less active and experience more pain, discomfort and limited-range-of-motion than previous generations. Through Yoga and Thai Bodywork, Janel develops unique sequences (a fusion of yoga, bodyweight resistance, tai chi and animal flow) to help her students move freely by using the body more efficiently.

Janel believes it is essential to know WHY you are practicing or moving in a specific manner as it will help you remember and practice more often. Stress relief and deep relaxation are some of the numerous side effects.
Janel discovered ARTY Water at The Seed Experience in New York City and was eager to share it with her students, who have now become raving fans.