APEC Top Tier ROES-50A Review

The APEC ROES-50A is one of the most efficient RO water filtration systems available at a reasonable price. It is designed and assembled in the USA, so you cannot question the durability and effectiveness of this product.

It uses a 5-stage filtering process to remove 99% of contaminants from water. It is an efficient filtration system that wastes only 3 gallons of water to give 1 gallon of filtered water. Moreover, its installation is very easy, and it can also be maintained easily.

  • Type: RO 5-Stage water filter
  • Efficiency: Removes more than 1000 contaminants
  • Filtration Capacity: 50 gallons/day

More Features: It works with dual water pressures. At 60 Psi, it produces 50 gallons of water/day and at 50 Psi, it provides you with 30 gallons of water/day.

APEC RO water purifier



Filter Type: It is an under sink water filtration unit that works on RO (Reverse Osmosis) water treatment system.

Quality: No one can match the quality of water filters from APEC Water Systems because it is the number 1 rated water filter brand of America. Its premium-quality long-lasting filters make both the tap and well water clean and pure.

Filtration Stages: APEC Top Tier ROES-50A is featured with five filtration stages.

Filter Medium: The first filtration stage has a sediment filter, and the second and third stages feature premium quality Carbon Block filters. The fourth stage carries a high rejection RO membrane, and the fifth stage has a coconut carbon filter.

Pure and Clean Water: It can eradicate up to 99% of more than 1000 impurities, including bacteria, viruses, chlorine, heavy metals, arsenic, and others.

The role of the sediment filter is to remove dust, sediment, and rust. Carbon Block Filters not only remove chlorine, tastes, cloudiness, and odors but also make the water free from other chemicals and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

The RO membrane (0.0001 microns) removes the remaining impurities like lead, fluorine, arsenic, heavy metals, and much more. It only passes water molecules and blocks all other impurities.

The last filter medium is the Coconut Carbon Filter that eliminates any possible remaining debris and bad taste.

Feed Water Pressure: Its feed water pressure ranges between 40 psi and 85 psi.

Water Production Capacity: At 60 psi, it produces 50 gallons of fresh drinking water per day. And at 50 psi, the production capacity reduces to 30 gallons per day.

Waste Water – Pure Water Ratio: APEC ROES-50A is an above-average efficient system as it wastes only 3 gallons of water to offer you 1 gallon of clean and healthy water.

Accessories: The other things that come with filters and cartridges include a modern design, lead-free brushed nickel faucet, and a 4-gallon pre-pressurized water storage tank. Also, you will get FDA certified JG food grade tubing, ½” or 3/8” versatile feed water adapter, durable drain saddle, tank ball valve, and housing wrenches.

Installation: If you know about these water filter systems, then you can do its installation on your own. Or even if you don’t know anything, online installation videos and the instruction manual will help you during each step of installation.

Its high-quality fittings and special O-rings provide a leak-free experience.

Warranty: If we talk about its warranty period, then the APEC Water Systems offer a 2-year extended warranty with registration.

My Opinion:

Pros: APEC ROES-50A provides ultra-fresh, clean, and great tasting water. It is designed and assembled in the USA and guaranteed to remove up to 99% of all impurities and contaminants. It is an above-average efficient system that is available at an affordable price. Also, its production capacity is quite decent.

Cons: The quality of its faucet is not up to the mark. Also, it has a long filling time.

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What is the lifespan of every filter used in the system?

The PP Sediment and Carbon filters may need replacement every 6 to 12 months, but the RO membrane can work effectively for up to 3 years.

The lifespan of every filter depends on the quality of your incoming water. If more impurities are present in your water, the working life of each filter will be reduced, including the RO membrane.

What is the water production capacity of the APEC ROES-50A filter system?

APEC ROES-50A can produce 50 gallons of water at 60 psi and 30 gallons of water at 50 psi.

What is the capacity of the storage tanks that comes with the system?

It is a 4-gallon pressurized water tank that can hold 3 gallons of water.

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