APEC Top Tier ROES-PH75 Water Filter System Review

The APEC ROES-PH75 is an RO water filtration system that forces water to pass through six filtration stages to make it clean and pure for drinking. Not only it removes various impurities, but it also makes the water more alkaline and improves its taste.

It is made in the USA with high-quality parts that last long. Also, its production capacity is excellent, which makes it an ideal unit for large families.

APEC ROES-PH75 RO Water Filter System Review

  • Type: Under sink RO water filter
  • Filter life: 20 years
  • Filtration Capacity: 75 gallons per day

More Features: This water filter comes with 2 years extended warranty. The water tank has a capacity of 4 gallons.

APEC Alkaline water purifier



Filter Type: This APEC Top Tier ROES-PH75 is an under sink RO water filtration system.

Quality: It is a supreme quality product that is designed, engineered, and assembled in the United States of America. It is America’s no.1 rated water filter brand that has been providing quality water filters for the last 20 years.

No. of Filtration Stages: The incoming water gets treated from six filtration stages before coming out from the faucet.

Filter Media: High capacity Polypropylene Sediment Filter, Carbon Block filter, RO membrane, Advanced Coconut Shell Refining Carbon filter, and pH+ Alkaline Calcium filter.

Removal of Contaminants: The APEC Top Tier ROES-PH75 removes up to 99% of contaminants from water. The sediment filter is responsible for eliminating dust, rust, and particles. The Carbon Block filter excludes chlorine, tastes, and odors. Also, it makes the water free from cloudiness and colors. Moreover, other common chemicals and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are also removed.

Next, the RO membrane extracts 99% of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) and contaminants that passed through the Carbon Block filter.

In the end, the alkaline filter adds calcium carbonate into the water to make it more alkaline.

Water Production Capacity: The production capacity of this water filter is 75 GDP (Gallons per Day).

Feed Water Pressure: Minimum feed water pressure is 45 psi, and the maximum pressure is 85 psi.

Installation: The whole unit is easy to install and maintain. There are online installation videos that you can follow step by step for installing this RO system. Also, a detailed instructional manual is there to make the installation easier.

Warranty: APEC ROES-PH75 comes with a 2-year extended manufacturer warranty. Also, it offers a free lifetime loyalty support service.

Accessories: Along with high capacity filters, RO membrane, and neutralizer, this water filtration system includes a lead-free brushed nickel faucet, 4-gallon pressurized water storage tank, food-grade color tubing, drain saddle, housing wrenches, feed water adapter, and a tank ball valve.

My Opinion:

Pros: The APEC Top Tier RO filtration system efficiently and effectively removes various pollutants and contaminants from water to make it clean for drinking. Also, its alkaline filter improves the water taste. The unit has a good production capacity and comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. Moreover, it offers a hassle-free installation.

Cons: An empty water storage tank takes an hour to get fully filled.


How does reverse osmosis system work?

RO (Reverse Osmosis) is a water treatment process that eliminates various impurities and contaminants from water by using pressure. The water molecules are forced to pass through a semipermeable membrane that stops various contaminants from passing the membrane. As a result, you get clean and pure water to drink.

The RO filter system not only has an RO membrane. A typical setup starts with pre-filters that include one sediment filter and two carbon filters that play their part in removing sediment, rust, chlorine, VOCs, and other impurities. The other remaining impurities get treated by the RO membrane that can eliminate impurities as tiny as bacteria.

What is the production capacity of the APEC Top Tier ROES-PH75 water filter?

The ROES-PH75 can produce 75 gallons of filtered water per day.

What does TDS mean?

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) is the concentration of substances dissolved in water. It includes salts and minerals.

TDS levels measure the quality of water. And the TDS level of pure RO water always remains low.

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