5 Best 2 Stage Water Filters 2020

One should never compromise on the purity of water in homes. The best way to ensure this is to install a water filtration system. A 2-stage water filtration system is the most basic, economical, and effective way to get your water filtered.

We have selected the best five 2-stage water filtration systems for you to buy. All the filtrations systems on our list are quality products with the best results.

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Best 2-stage Water Filtration Systems (Comparison)

 Best 2-stage Water Filtration Systems 
Editor's ChoiceHome Master HMF2SmgCC
  • Filtration capacity of 95,000 gallons/year

  • 10 gallons per minute flow rate

  • 1 year filter life

Watts Premier WP500313
  • 600 gallons/filter

  • 6 months filter life

  • Under sink Installation

iFilters Whole House 2 Stage
  • 3 GPM flow rate

  • 3-4 months filter life

  • Easy installation

APEC 2-Stage Whole House Water Filter System
  • 70,000 gallons/year

  • 8-9 months filter life

  • DIY installation

Aquatic Life Two-Stage Water Filter
  • 15 gallons per minute flow rate

  • FDA approved polypropylene made

  • 5-micron filter


Best 2-stage Water Filtration Systems

1. Home Master HMF2SmgCC Whole House Two-Stage Filtration System Water Filter

Home Master 2-Stage water filter system

Capacity: Home Master has a filtration capacity of 95,000 water gallons. It is enough for an average American household of 4 people. Since it is a whole house filtration system, you will get pure water at every point of use in your home. Drinking, cooking, washing, and every other water chore will be managed with pure water.

Flow Rate: The system offers a flow rate of 10 gallons per minute. It is enough to enjoy fast and pure water at 2-3 points of use at any one time. Water speed may reduce when you increase the number of usage points at one time.

Filtration Capabilities: The system uses two stages of filtration to provide you with pure and clean drinking water. At the first stage, the multi-grade sediment filter with 4 layers of filtration stops rust, dirt, sand, and other particles from going to the next filter. It can successfully filter 95 per cent of sediments with a size of 25 to 1 microns.

The second stage is the activated carbon filtration stage; the filter uses KDF 85 to remove heavy metals like lead, mercury, copper. It also removes chlorine, chloramines, bacteria, viruses, insecticides, herbicides, and pharmaceuticals. The system does not remove TDS from your water source, thus retaining the healthy minerals in your water supply. The system uses large filters with a size of 28 x 18 x 9 inches. Such a large size increases the flow rate and makes the filters last longer than the usual recommended time. Filters have a life span of 1-year.

Installation: Installing the system is easy. If you know your way around your plumbing fixtures, you can install the system in just a couple of hours. The mounting bracket comes with the package along with a housing wrench and bolts needed to install the system.

Technical Details: The authorities certify all the materials used in the filtration system. All the pipes are of 1-inch diameter. It helps in making connections and maintaining a fast flow rate.

Our Opinion and Verdict: This filtration system is perfect to be used in urban areas with chlorine and sediments in the water supply. The fast flow rate, 95,000-gallon filtration capacity, economical price, and easy installation all make it a very popular and effective filtration system. Our side highly recommends it.

2. Watts Premier WP500313 2-Stage Undercounter Lead, Cyst & VOC Reducing Drinking Water System

Watts Premier water filter

Capacity: Watts premier is a dedicated 2-stage water filtration system for under sink usage to get pure water for drinking or cooking purposes only. It can filter 600 gallons of water before needing a replacement of filters.

Filtration Capabilities: It uses a two-stage filtration mechanism to reduce harmful substances from your water source and make it fit for drinking purposes. The first filter removes sediments as small as 5-microns, and the second filter acts on lead, parasitic cysts, chemicals, volatile organic compounds like herbicides, insecticides, and pharmaceuticals. It also removes chlorine, chloramines, bacteria, and viruses from your water to improve the quality of your drinking water. Unlike the above system, the filters used in this system needs to be replaced immediately after 600 gallons of water have been filtered or an average of 6 months. We do not want you to risk your health by overusing the filters.

Installation: As the name suggests, this system is to be installed under your sink. It comes with a mounting bracket, a standard faucet assembly, parts bag, and installation manual to help you install the system.

Technical Details: It has dimensions of 14 x 7 x 16 inches, so you must ensure that you have this much space under your sink for easy installation. The faucet is made from high-quality chrome, and it adds to the beauty of your kitchen. The unit uses 10-inch filters to give you a reasonable flow rate.

Our Opinion and Verdict: A very economical and effective option for pure drinking water. With a warranty of 1 year, we suggest you buy this system for your peace of mind for drinking water.

3. iFilters Whole House 2 Stage Sediment, Rust & CTO Filters w/ AP110 & AP117 Comparable Cartridges Included, 3/4″ Ports

iFilters Whole House Water Filter

Capacity: This system does not have any predefined water filtration capacity. It depends on your usage that when do you need to replace the filters.

They can last more than a year or may need to be replaced after 3-4 months. One way to assess the need for filter change is to check the flow rate when the flow rate starts to decrease; you need to change the filters as they must be clogged with dust particles.

Filtration Capabilities: The first stage filters the sediments down to 5 microns, and the second stage is the carbon filter. It removes chlorine, chloramines, organic compounds, and other harmful substances from your water.

Flow Rate: It will provide a flow rate of 3 gallons per minute. Critically, 3 GPM is not enough for an entire household; it will provide a good flow speed at a maximum of 2 points of use at one time.

Installation: You do not need the help of a professional plumber to install this system. You get a wrench, a bracket for installation, and mounting screws along with an instruction manual to guide you for installation and replacement of filters.

Technical Details: The filter housings are made of clear plastic. It allows you to check the condition of filters, and you can easily judge that it is the time to replace your filters now. It comes with built-in pressure relief buttons for easy replacement of filters. The ports are ¾ inches for installation.

Our Opinion and Verdict: Apart from the slow flow rate, this system has no issues. It is a great option to be used with a city or well water source.

4. APEC 2-Stage Whole House Water Filter System with Sediment and Carbon Filters (CB2-SED-CAB20-BB)

APEC 2-Stage Whole House water filter system

Capacity: It has a reasonable capacity of 70,000 gallons. If you use less water in your household, this can last for a year or so. You may need to replace the filter after 8-9 months if the water consumption is high at your home or you have a large family.

Filtration Capabilities: The system filters two filters to clean your water. The first stage is a 30-micron sediment filter that captures large dust particles, sand, and rust. The second stage, which uses a 25-micron carbon filter, removes chlorine, odour from your water, and filters organic compounds and other harmful elements present in the water.

Installation: Installing and replacing the filters is not a difficult task. If you are a DIY person, you will be able to manage its installation with some basic tools like a wrench and screwdrivers. The mounting bracket comes with the package.

Technical Details: All the inlet and outlet ports are of 1-inch diameter to allow a faster flow rate at every point of use. The filters are measured at 20 inches to increase the surface area for more effective water filtration.

Our Opinion and Verdict: The filter does not filter particles smaller than 30 microns; this system is suitable to be used in areas where the water supply is relatively pure.

5. Aquatic Life Two-Stage 20″ x 4.5″ Whole House Water Filtration System, 3/4″ NPT

Aquatic Life water filtration system

Capacity: The system can provide water for almost a year for an average American household before you need to replace the filters.

Flow Rate: The system has a flow rate of 10 gallons per minute. It is enough to provide you fast-flowing water at 3-4 points of use at one time. This is an amazing speed, considering the economical price of this system. If your water supply has high pressure, the flow rate can go up to 15 gallons per minute as well.

Filtration Capabilities: The two stages of water filtration helps in removing sediments, chlorine, and other harmful substances like bacteria, viruses, and organic compounds in the water. The first filter catches the sediments, and the second filter removes other mentioned substances. The filters offer a 5-micron rating.

Installation: Installing the system is easy. You will need a wrench, some screws, and a screwdriver to install the unit. The mounting bracket comes with the unit.

Technical Details: The system is manufactured using FDA approved polypropylene and can function at temperature up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and a pressure of 90 PSI.

Our Opinion and Verdict: It is a very economical and functional filtration system. Some users have reported leaking problems after installation, but the customer service and repair system of the company is excellent, so you do not have to worry about it. It is a very rational choice to install for city and well water filtration.

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One should never ignore water quality for drinking, bathing, and cooking purposes. An effective filtration system will bring about positive impacts on your family’s health. All the systems on our list are the best-rated models. However, the top 3 are the best-rated 2-stage water filtration systems.

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