Top 8 Best Alkaline Water Filters 2020

Alkaline water is very beneficial for human health. It contains more than 20 percent more oxygen than you find it in regular water. Other than some extra oxygen, it features antioxidants that keep you fit and active.

The added minerals enhance the taste of water and keep you well hydrated. So, it is necessary for you to purchase or install an alkaline water filter to get tasty, clean, and healthy water at home. But finding the best alkaline water filter is not easy as there are different types of water filters available on the market.

So, to help you out in this regard, we have selected some of the best alkaline water filters available and created a list. We chose some of the under sink reverse osmosis alkaline water filters along with alkaline water filter pitchers and faucet alkaline water filters. Also, we added a water ionizer machine to cover all the available products.

Best Alkaline Water Filters (Comparison)

 Best Alkaline Water Filters 
Editor's ChoiceiSpring RCC7AK High Capacity Water Filtration System
  • 75 gallons/day

  • 45-70 PSI water pressure

  • 6-12 months filter life

APEC Top Tier Alkaline Mineral 6-Stage RO Water Filter System
  • Calcium alkaline inline filter

  • Best for tap/well water

  • Easy installation

Express Water Alkaline RO Water Filtration System
  • 50 GPD filtration capacity

  • 40-80 PSI water pressure

  • Double sealed filters

EHM Ultra-Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher
  • 300 liter GDP

  • Easy fit into refrigerator

  • BPA-free product

Seychelle pH20 Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher
  • 200 gallons filter capacity

  • IAMF Technology

  • 200 gallons/filter

Apex Countertop Alkaline Water Filter
  • 750 liters capacity

  • Easy cartridge replacement

  • Energy-efficient

Aqua Ionizer Pro Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine
  • Power efficiency

  • 4000 liters/filter

  • Antioxidant range from -860 up to +1000

Lake Industries Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher
  • Micro clustering

  • 90% efficient

  • Easy pour spout


1. iSpring RCC7AK High Capacity Water Filtration System with Alkaline Remineralization – Overall Best Undersink RO Alkaline Water Filter

  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 5.2 x 18.5 inches
  • Weight: 20 pounds
  • GDP: 75 gallons/day
  • Feed Water Pressure: 45 – 70 PSI

More Features: It’s a 6 stage Reverse Osmosis water filter system that comes with a transparent water pitcher. The filter can work efficiently for 6 to 12 months.

iSpring undersink Reverse Osmosis water purifier

If you are looking for the best Undersink RO alkaline water filter, then this iSpring RCC7AK high capacity water filtration system is the perfect choice for you. It is a 6 stage RO system that works differently as compared to the 5 stage filtration unit where the water remains slightly acidic. Its 6th stage features an Alkaline Remineralization filter that recovers essential minerals found in the water to make it alkaline and excellent in taste.

With this water filter, you can enjoy soft and tasteful water free from a wide variety of contaminants. It removes chlorine, arsenic, lead, sodium, fluoride, viruses, bacteria, and so on. It eliminates lead up to 98% whereas other contaminants and pollutants up to 99%.

The RO membrane is the most effective one that only allows water molecules to pass by; the rest of the things get removed from the water. It can stop impurities as small as 0.0001 microns. The Sediment, Carbon KDF, and Carbon block filters are responsible for eliminating large impurities and preventing different chemicals from reaching the RO membrane.

The overall system is made up of quality components. The transparent housing of the first stage makes it easy to look at the condition of the filter.

Each filter can last up to 6 to 12 months, but if we talk about the RO membrane, then it has a life span of 2 to 3 years.

The product also comes with a 3.2-gallon pressurized storage tank that can hold up to 2.5 gallons of water. It can take around 1 to 3 hours to fill the entire tank and then shuts off automatically. 

Other than this, the unit is easy to install, but it will take your couple of hours.  

2. APEC Top Tier Alkaline Mineral 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System – 75 GPD Filtration Capacity

  • Dimensions: 16 x 5.2 x 17.5 inches
  • Weight: 25 pounds
  • GDP: 75 gallons/day
  • Feed Water Pressure: 40 – 85 PSI

More Features: It’s equally beneficial for tap and well water. The installation and maintenance is quite easy. The filter works efficiently to provide you 75 gallons water daily.

APEC Reverse Osmosis Alkaline water purifier

Apec Tor Tier is another Undersink reverse osmosis water filter is on the list that not only removes various contaminants from water but also makes the water alkaline. The system adds calcium carbonate to improve the alkalinity of water that makes it quite tasty. 

It is also a 6-stage filtration system that works effectively to remove dust, rust, chlorine, VOCs, chromium, fluoride, copper, lead, viruses, bacteria, and others. The Sediment filter, Carbon block filters, RO membrane, and an advanced coconut shell refining carbon filter work together to remove harmful contaminants, bad taste, and odor from water. The calcium alkaline inline filter enhances the water alkalinity. Calcium carbonate that the filter uses is food-grade calcium that is completely safe for human consumption. 

The system is quite useful to treat both the tap and well water to offer you the same healthy and tasteful water every time. The filters are also quite long-lasting so there is no need to worry about changing filters regularly. 

The system comes with all the required components and easy to follow instructions and videos to make installation easier. You can easily set up the unit with your own hands. 

3. Express Water Alkaline Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System – 50 GPD Filtration Capacity

  • Dimensions: 19 x 18 x 19 inches
  • Weight: 29.5 pounds
  • GDP: 50 gallons/day
  • Feed Water Pressure: 40 – 80 PSI

More Features: This is a 10 stage filtration system that removes 99.99% water contaminants to make it odorless and pure. The installation is quite hassle-free.

Express reverse osmosis water filter

Express Water offers one of the strongest and effective alkaline reverse osmosis filtration systems that feature a 10-stage filtration process to provide contaminant-free and best possible alkaline water.

All the contaminant removal filters work together to eliminate chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, lead, chlorine, heavy metals, rust, dust, sand, herbicides, pesticides, and hardness.

The sediment filter and the Carbon block and Granular Carbon filters remove simple impurities from water and protect the RO membrane to increase its life.

The RO membrane eliminates the most difficult and harmful contaminants during the fourth stage of filtration. Then the Alkaline filter works from the 5th to 9th stage to offer five stages of mineralization. During these stages, the filter adds minerals, antioxidants, and oxygen into the water. And the last stage features a post active carbon filter that rechecks the water before delivering it to you.

The unit adds magnesium, calcium, potassium, and other minerals into your water to provide better taste and great health.

The system also offers hassle-free installation. You don’t need to hire a plumber to get the job done. Its simple design and easy to follow instructions make the installation easier.

Other features include double-sealed filters, leak stop valves, and the Brass Feed and Quick Connect Adapter. 

4. EHM Ultra-Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher – Overall Best Alkaline Water Pitcher

  • Dimensions: 12 x 6 x 11 inches
  • Weight: 1.9 pounds
  • GDP: 300 Liters

More Features: The pitcher is made of food-grade BPA-free material. It’s easy to refill/pour water. You can easily fit into refrigerator if you don’t want to keep on the counter.

EHM water purifier

EHM offers one of the best alkaline water filter pitcher that provides clean, safe, and alkaline water in minutes. The filter used can take up the PH value up to 9.5 depending on the quality of incoming water. 

The pitcher can filter about 3.5 liters of water at a time and removes various contaminants such as heavy metals and chlorine. Also, it includes potassium, calcium, and magnesium along with antioxidants to make the water alkaline, tasty, and healthy for drinking.

You get the filtered ionized alkaline water with the help of an advanced 6-stage filter cartridge that treats water with six different filtration layers. An advanced micro screen is responsible for preventing the involvement of black particles in water, and the various harmful contaminants get removed from water through activated carbon and ion exchange resin.

This pitcher is also quite easy to use and is made up of high-quality materials. It is a BPA-free product. Its modern design makes it easy to refill and pour water. Also, it can easily fit inside a refrigerator.   

5. Seychelle pH20 Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher – 200 Gallons Filtration Capacity

  • Product Dimensions:11 x 5.5 x 10.5 inches
  • Weight:2.2 pounds
  • Filter Capacity: 200 Gallons

More Features: It has a good filtration capacity that goes up to 200 gallons/filter. The IAMF technology is an additional feature of this BPA-free alkaline water filter.

Seychelle 200 gallons water filter

This 8-cup alkaline water filter pitcher from Seychelle has a sleek and fridge-friendly design. It is perfect for small families to meet their daily water needs. This BPA-free product is proudly made and tested in the USA to remove various harmful contaminants from tap water.

The two filters used in the pitcher features an Ionic Adsorption Micro Filtration (IAMF) technology to purify water and deliver amazingly tasteful alkaline water. During filtration, the filters remove aesthetic, chemical, and inorganic contaminants from tap water and add alkaline minerals.

The water filter pitcher eliminates silt, chlorine, bad taste, odor, and cloudiness in water. It also removes herbicides, pesticides, benzene, chemicals, along with copper, mercury, lead, arsenic, aluminum, cadmium, and others. But not only the contaminants are removed, but also the pH value of water goes up to 9.5 while maintaining healthy minerals.

In the end, the combined filters can filter up to 200 gallons of water before a replacement need.

6. Apex Countertop Alkaline Water Filter – Overall Best Countertop Alkaline Water Filter

  • Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Filter Capacity: 750 Liters

More Features: Apex alkaline water filter is easy to install and maintain. Even, the cartridge replacement is a super easy process. Moreover, it adds healthy minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium into the water.

Apex alkaline water purifier

It is the best alkaline water filter that directly connects to your sink faucet to provide you contaminant-free and healthy water. It is a BPA-free product that features a 5-stage filtration process to remove common and harmful impurities present in the tap water.

This countertop alkaline water filter can be easily connected to most of the standard faucets. Also, anyone can easily install the unit without any help. The filter system meets the NSF and FDA requirements and follows the mentioned guidelines to offer you safe and healthy drinking water.

It not only eliminates chlorine taste and odor, but also clears away radon, benzene, chloramine, bacteria, pesticides, organic chemicals, sediment, and rust from tap water. Also, it prevents water-borne illnesses by separating Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts. And after removing different contaminants and pollutants, it includes healthy minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium to make your water alkaline and healthy for drinking.

Other than this, filter cartridge replacement is also straightforward. A wrench comes with a unit through which you can easily open and close the housing for cartridge replacement. 

7. Aqua Ionizer Pro Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine – 1100 Gallons Filtration Capacity

  • Dimensions: 16.6 x 12.4 x 8.7 inches
  • Weight: 12.05 pounds
  • Filter Capacity: 4000 Liters

More Features: It’s a power efficienct and cost-efficient alkaline water filter. It comes with a customized PH value and potential antioxidant range to remove water contaminants.

Aqua alkaline water filter

This alkaline water ionizer machine by Aqua-Ionizer Pro is one of the most powerful and useful products that not only remove unwanted contaminants but also enhance the water taste by making it alkaline.

It is 1.5 feet high so it is ideal for installing it under the sink or you can also keep it on your counter. The unit offers a hassle-free installation where you only need to spend 10 minutes to install it completely. All the required hardware and fittings come with the unit.

The best thing about this ionizer machine is its filtration capacity that is 4,000 liters. It only requires 110 volts to treat the water effectively.

The unit fights with chlorine, heavy metals, fluoride, pesticides, and other contaminants with the help of activated charcoal carbon filter. Other than this, it offers seven different settings to select a particular alkalinity level for your water from cooking to household cleaning. You have the option of customizing the PH value from 3 to 11.5. Also, its potential antioxidant range is from -860 to +1000 ORP

8. Lake Industries Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher – 40 Gallons Filtration Capacity

  • Dimensions:  10.5 x 4.2 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 11.2 pounds
  • Filter Capacity: 150 Liters

More Features: This alkaline water filter comes with micro-clustering feature for an efficient filtration. The simple and modern design is reliable for years.

Lake Industries water purifier with 40 gallons filtration capacity

The last alkaline water filter on the list is the Lake Industries water filter pitcher that is made up of BPA-free, food grade, and durable plastic. It features a 7-stage filtration process that eliminates chlorine, heavy metals, bad smell, copper, zinc, lead, and other pollutants from water up to 90%.

With the micro-clustering feature, the size of the water molecules gets reduced for improved hydration. Other than this, it eliminates radicals and removes toxins with the help of effective antioxidants.

If we talk about its design, then it is simple and modern. An easy-grip handle makes handling easier. Also, an easy pour spout ensures mess-free pouring. Moreover, its easy-to-fill lid makes it easy to refill the pitcher so restart the filtration process.

The filter used in this pitcher is not so effective, but it worth the cost. It is a cheap water filter pitcher, and we can expect this type of filtration quality from an inexpensive product.

It is necessary to know the differences between each type of alkaline water filter. Also, it is essential to know about various factors that need your consideration before purchasing a particular type of water filter.

Buyer’s Guide

Before going to purchase the best alkaline water filter, it is essential to know about those things that you should look at. So, what are those essential things, take a look. 

Type of Filtration System

First of all, it is necessary to decide what type of alkaline water filter you are going to purchase. You can either go for Undersink alkaline water filters or the alkaline water filter pitchers. Also, there are countertop alkaline water filters that get directly attached to the sink faucets. Moreover, there are also water ionizer machines that work efficiently and effectively to provide safe and healthy water. So, it all depends on your needs and budget to select a particular type of alkaline water filter. 

RO Alkaline Water Filtration System

These reverse osmosis Undersink water filtration systems come with alkaline mineral cartridges to provide safe, clean, fresh, and PH-balanced alkaline water. Many people prefer these systems because the RO membrane works effectively with other filters to remove various harmful contaminants up to 99%. And when the water reaches the post-treatment mineral cartridges, they add or restore essential and healthy minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium for alkalization and remineralization of water. But there are also some water filtration units such as the Express Water Alkaline Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System that not only add minerals but also include antioxidants and oxygen into the water.

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What to look at? 

Before purchasing an RO alkaline water filter, it is necessary to make sure that the quality of the components is up to the mark. Sometimes, bad quality components make the whole system down after some time and make it ineffective. 

Many RO filtration units feature a 6-stage filtration process where different filters work together along with the RO membrane and mineral cartridges to remove various contaminants and add minerals into the water. So, it is necessary to check how many filtrations stages your filter offers. Also, make sure whether it only includes minerals or antioxidants and oxygen as well. 

Other than this, you should look at the production capacity of your filtration system. How much water it can filter per day is necessary to look for. Some of the systems have a production capacity of 75 gallons per day whereas some units feature 50 gallons per day capacity. 

Also, the life span of the filter cartridges must be considered. The RO membrane generally lives longer as compared to the other filters that are used during different stages of the filtration process. 

In the end, always select that RO alkaline water filter which offers an easy installation. Every product comes with an instruction manual, but it must offer a stress-free installation. The instructions provided must be loud, clear, and easy to follow. Also, the support of videos would be a plus. 

Alkaline Water Pitchers 

Alkaline water filter pitchers are best to purchase as they are simple, quite affordable, and easy to maintain. They use effective filters to remove various contaminants from water and add minerals to provide great taste. 

These pitchers are small water containers that filter the incoming water, increase its PH value, and throw out the filtered water into the bottom. Each of them features a refilling lid through which water goes into the container. The filters then treat the water well, remove the contaminants present, make it alkaline, and throw it down to the bottom of the container. And then in order to drink water, just tilt the pitcher, and the filtered water will come out of the pour spout. 

What to look at?

If you are going to buy an alkaline water filter pitcher, then you should consider the following factors.

No. of Stages

These alkaline water filter pitchers are known for their multi-stage filters. But some filters feature fewer filtration stages whereas some carry an adequate number of stages. So, it depends on your choice as well as the number of contaminants present in your tap or well water. 

But keep this in mind that the water gets the best treatment only when the number of stages is more. The filters installed inside the pitchers remove the contaminants first and then add minerals like calcium and magnesium to make the water alkaline.  

Here one thing you need to know that not every pitcher features a filter that can remove fluoride. So, if fluoride is present in your tap water, then you must go for a system that can remove fluoride effectively. 

Size of the pitcher 

Here size of the pitcher means how much water storing capacity it offers. Some water filter pitchers can hold one liter of filtered water whereas some can handle 3.5 liters of water. Obviously it depends on the size where small size pitchers can hold a lower amount of water as compared to the bigger models. 

So, if you have a small family, then you can go for small size pitchers, but it is ideal to purchase a good size unit that can filter and store more liters of water. 

The capacity of a filter

The capacity of a filter means the life span of a filter cartridge. How much water one cartridge can treat is essential to note. Some of the cartridges need replacement after two months (150 liters) whereas some cartridges have a life span of three months (300 liters or above). So, it is better to go with a filter cartridge that features a good life span. 

Some people try to extend the lifespan of their filter cartridges by not replacing them on time. But it is a wrong and unsafe practice as it is the matter of your health. To get the optimal filter performance, you must have to replace your cartridge on time. Never try to save a few bucks by putting your health at risk. 

But it is better to avoid those companies that use proprietary filters because after purchasing a unit, they leave no choice for you except to use their replacement filters.  

Ease of use

Most of the alkaline water filter pitchers come with a simple and modern design where you can easily refill and pour water from them. But there are also some models where the refilling and pouring system are not simple. So, it is quite necessary to check your model thoroughly before purchasing it.  

Filter PH Capability

Each model differs from the other one in terms of filter pH capability. Some filters are capable of maintaining pH value above 7 or 8 whereas there are some filters that can keep the pH value above 9. But not every model provides a particular pH value consistently, only some of the best models can do. 

The pH level your pitcher is offering you mainly depends on the pH value of your incoming water. 

Digital Life Indicator 

Another feature that you should look for is the filter life indicator. Most of the models have digital filter life indicators that let you know when to replace your filter cartridge. It is quite a useful feature as you can’t see the cartridge condition by yourself. Also, it is not easy to remember the months or liters of filtered water you have produced. 

So, it is mandatory to go for a model that features a digital life indicator to never miss on time filter replacement. 


Price is the last factor that requires your consideration before purchasing your ideal alkaline water filter pitcher. But many people consider it first. So, it depends on you whether to consider it last or first, but one thing that is necessary to keep in mind that these pitchers are quite inexpensive, so you don’t have to worry about the pricing at all. 

Countertop Alkaline Water Filters 

The countertop alkaline water filters are divided into two types. One filtration system connects directly to your sink faucet, and the other one is the water filter pitcher that is usually placed on the top of the counter.

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Here we have already discussed the alkaline water filter pitchers. So, now get into the countertop alkaline water filters that get connected with the faucets. 

What to look at? 

Filter Type

Always select a particular type of countertop alkaline water filter according to your needs. 

You can go for alkaline water filter pitchers if there is less space available around your sink or if you are using a different kind of faucet that many of the filters can’t adjust with. But one thing you must keep in mind is that water pitchers need continuous refilling as they only deliver few liters (1- 2) of filtered water at a time. 

On the other hand, if we talk about the units that are attached to the sink faucets, then these filter systems provide constant filtered water. There is no need to refill the water like the water pitchers. But one thing where these units lack is the life indicator of a filter cartridge. These filters don’t show how much life of your cartridge remains or when to replace your filter cartridge. 

Types of contaminants removal

The faucet alkaline water filters are quite capable of removing various harmful contaminants and pollutants from tap water to provide you safe and healthy drinking water. Also, they feature a mineral cartridge that adds healthy minerals. But not every model is effective in removing all the impurities present in your tap water. Therefore, it is essential to test your incoming water first to know what type of contaminants are available so that you can focus on a unit that can effectively remove all that impurities. 

The life span of a filter 

Another factor that needs your consideration before purchasing a faucet alkaline water filter is its lifespan. 

How much gallons of water your cartridge can treat before requiring replacement depends on the type of water you are getting. Some of the filter cartridges can only work effectively for up to 6 months. On the other hand, there are some that work for quite long. 


Installation is another factor that you may consider, but faucet water filters are quite easy to install. All you need is to connect your filter with the tap of your sink to get the filtered water. But not all models are designed for every type of faucet. Some are compatible with standard faucets whereas some are easy to connect with the regular sink faucets. Also, there are some filter units that are only made for the pull-down and sprayer faucets.

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