Top 5 Instant Hot Water Dispensers Reviewed

An instant hot water dispenser has many benefits in your kitchen. You do not need to warm water every time in kettle or microwave oven. It is economical and can keep water warm for some time. Instant hot waters also save your time as they ensure the on-demand availability of hot water.

Selecting an instant hot water dispenser can be a confusing task because of tens of options available from different brands. We have selected the best 5 instant hot water dispensers for your use. We have also included a buying guide to help you make the best purchase decision.

Best Instant Hot Water Dispensers (Comparison)

 Best Instant Hot Water Dispensers 
Editor's ChoiceInSinkErator H-Wave Hot Water Dispenser
  • Stainless steel tank

  • 2/3 Liter capacity

  • 3 Year warranty

Ready Hot RH-200 Hot Water Dispenser
  • chrome/brushed nickle faucets

  • 0.62 liter capacity

  • 3 Year warranty

InSinkErator HOT150 Hot Water Heater
  • Stainless steel tank

  • 2/3 gallons capacity

  • 1 year warranty

Waste King H711 Hot Water Dispenser
  • 5/8 gallons capacity

  • 1 Year warranty

  • Stainless steel tank

Anaheim AH-1300 Hot Water Dispenser
  • 5/8 gallons capacity

  • 1 Year Warranty

  • Dual Temperature Mode


Best 5 Instant Hot Water Dispensers Reviewed

1. InSinkErator H-Wave-C Involve Series Wave Hot Water Dispenser with Stainless Steel Tank, Chrome

InSinkErator hot water dispenser

InSinkErator tops the list of instant hot water dispensers because of its outstanding features and simple design. The tank is made of stainless steel and has a capacity of 2/3 gallons. It heats the water in a blink of an eye and provides you with instant hot water on demand. The temperature controls are simple and easy to operate through a conventional rotator controller. You can adjust the temperature from 160˚F to 210˚F. You don’t need to worry about the hot water lever operation as it comes with an automatic shut off feature resulting in power consumption. The unit has a wattage of 750 watts, so it will not add much to your electric bill and result in power saving. The system comes with a 3-year exclusive warranty for free house calls for parts and maintenance. The faucet design is a blend of traditional and modern design. It increases the aesthetic value of your sink setup. The faucet requires a standard 1-1/4-inch to 1-1/2-inch diameter hole for installation with a maximum counter thickness of 3 inches.

Our opinion and Verdict:

All things considered, it is the best instant hot water dispenser to provide you with hot water on demand without any problems. It is a must-have system to meet all your hot water needs for kitchen sinks.

2. Ready Hot RH-200-F570-CH 41-RH-200-F570-CH Hot Water Dispenser

Ready Hot Water Dispenser

It can provide you with almost 60 cups of hot water in one hour for your beverage-making, washing, and other hot water needs. The temperature control is a rotator thermostat with a temperature range of 140˚F to 200˚F. The tank has a capacity of 0.62 gallons of storage. The heating element has a wattage of 1300 watts, so keep in mind that it is going to consume more electric power than the model mentioned above. On the contrary, it will also provide you water with a higher temperature. It comes with protection to guard the tank against burning in case of an accidental dry startup. The installation is easy, and you can manage it yourself. With this model, you get the option to choose from chrome or brushed nickel faucets; you can also select a without-faucet model. It comes with two LED Lights. The red light indicates the heating process is going on, whereas green light confirms that the water is fully heated. It comes with a 3-year warranty with a replacement for defective parts or a full unit.

Our Opinion and Verdict:

It is easy to install and use hot water dispenser. The large range of temperature settings makes it a versatile dispenser to be used in different climatic conditions.

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3. InSinkErator HOT150 Instant Hot Water Dispenser, Satin Nickel

InSinkErator Hot150 hot water dispenser

It comes with a stainless steel tank with a capacity of 2/3 gallons to deliver you hot water at a temperature range of 160˚F to 210˚F. Most of the features are identical to the dispenser discussed at the number 1 slot on our list. It has a different faucet design. The faucet control located on the side and is operated by simple gliding motion. The connections are easy, and you need to drill a hole for the faucet. The spout height is 6.25 inches, and the reach is 5.38 inches. It complements the main faucet in the sink. Instead of a three-year warranty, it comes with a 1-year warranty for free repairs.

Our Opinion and Verdict:

There is only one issue with this dispenser: it has less warranty as compared to other dispensers from InSinkErator. Overall, it is an excellent hot water dispenser with hundreds of satisfied users.

4. Waste King H711-U-SN Quick & Hot Water Dispenser Faucet & Tank – Satin Nickel

Waste king hot water dispenser

If you are looking for a dispenser which can provide you with more quantity of instant hot water in one hour, then Waste King has got you covered. It can deliver 100 cups of hot water in one hour without any fluctuations in temperature. The tank has a capacity of 5/8 gallons. It comes with a fingertip thermostat adjustment with a range of 140˚F to 190˚F. The heating element has 1300 watts power and consumes more electricity than other models. The faucet is made of nickel with an open vent design. Open vent design has some leakage problems. It also comes with a safety feature to adjust the changes in temperature without risking over the expansion of the bladder. It has a 1-year replacement warranty.

Our Opinion and Verdict:

The only problem is leaking a few drops once in a while because of temperature adjustments. It is so negligible that you won’t even notice them. Overall, it is a reasonable dispenser.

5. Anaheim AH-1300 Quick and Hot Instant Hot Water Tank

Anaheim hot water tank

If you already have a separate hot water faucet in your kitchen and you need a hot water tank for dispensing purposes, you can trust Anaheim for your needs. With a 5/8 gallons water capacity, you can get up to 60 cups of hot water from it. You can adjust the temperature between low and high modes with a finger adjustment. The heating element has a wattage of 1300 watts. It comes with heating protection with self-resetting thermal fuse. The unit has a 1-year replacement warranty.

Our Opinion and Verdict:

The functionality and effectiveness of this unit are the same as compared to any reasonable model.

Buying Guide

A buying guide helps you in knowing the products better and reduces the chance of errors while making the final call.

Design of the Tank: The most important thing to consider while buying an instant hot water dispenser is the design of the dispenser. Some dispensers come with faucets while others don’t have faucets. If you are remodeling your kitchen or building a new one, you must go for a hot water dispenser with a faucet. If your kitchen already has a separate faucet for hold water, you can select the model without a faucet. We have included both types on our list.

Tank Material: Most of the models come with stainless steel tanks. Stainless steel tanks are more durable as compared to other materials. Rubber lined tanks are less expensive, but they do not last for a long time.

Size of the Tank: Another feature to consider while buying an instant hot water dispenser is the size of the tank. Remember, they are not water heaters and will not have a huge capacity. They can provide you with a maximum of 2/3 or half-gallon capacity.

Wattage: The wattage is directly going to affect your electricity billing. Wattage is directly linked to the efficiency of the unit. Heavier appliances usually take less time for heating but consume more power as well.


We have discussed everything about instant hot water dispensers. We hope that by now you have made your mind about buying one. The top 3 dispensers on our list are simply the best rated and most effective. You can buy any of them and say goodbye to heating water problems in your kitchen sink.

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