The Best ZeroWater Water Filters Reviewed [2020]

There is no denying the fact that water is the most essential part of our daily diet. Impure water can cause various health conditions such as diarrhea, muscle pain, and different water-borne diseases. To avoid such problems, you need additional filtration on tap water for drinking purposes.

The best way to do this is to use water filters. There are different types of water filters available on the market to buy. Some are attached to the faucets; some come in the shape of pitchers and dispensers, while some are best for on the go purposes.

In this review, we will be evaluating a famous brand by the name of Zero Water Filtration System. Zero offers dispensers, pitchers, tumblers, and replacement filters. An increase in the prices of bottled water has made it difficult for everyone to afford bottled water while traveling; hence Zero has solved this problem for you by offering a very economical solution of water filtration on the go.

Before we begin, it is pertinent to highlight that Zero filters work in a 5 stage process (explained later in the review). It is the only water filtration technology that can remove 99.6 percent of total dissolved solids, TDS (minerals, salts, metals including lead, chemicals, fluoride). Zero is independently NSF* certified and ensure that they meet and exceed all the requirements by authorities. There are a lot of folks* like athletes, celebrities and fitness works who not only recommend Zero water filtration but also use it for drinking water purposes.

The product range of Zero is based on the following three categories

  1. Pitchers and Large Dispensers
  2. On-the-go Filtration
  3. Replacement Filters

We will be evaluating the best products in the categories mentioned above

Pitchers and Large Dispensers

When it comes to pitchers and large dispensers with water filtration, Zero provides one of the best services. It will not be an exaggeration if we say that Zero’s products are top of the line with the most economical prices.

Best ZeroWater Water Filters (Comparison)

 Best ZeroWater Water Filters 
Editor's ChoiceZeroWater (ZBD-040-1)
  • 40-50 gallons per filter

  • high-quality glass and chrome made

  • 99.6% efficient filtration

ZeroWater ZD-018
  • 40-cup dispenser

  • Adjustable in refrigerator

  • high-quality plastic made

ZeroWater ZP-010
  • 40-50 gallons of water per filter

  • Ergonomic design

  • Easy refilling

ZeroWater ZT-026Si
  • 26 Ounces Water Capacity

  • 40-gallon/filter

  • Easy Operation

ZeroWater Replacement Filters
  • filters up to 99.6 percent

  • Easy Operation

  • Economic Price


1. ZeroWater (ZBD-040-1) 40 Cup Ready-Pour Glass Dispenser

  • Filter life: 40 – 50 gallons
  • Efficiency: 99.6%
  • Removes: lead, chromium, and chlorine

More Features: It’s a 40 cup water filter system that removes the water contaminants up to 99.6%. It’s a 5-stage water filter that needs no installation.

Zerowater ZBD-040-1

Capacity: This model offers an enhanced capacity of 40 cups and is great for gatherings, home, and office use. You do not need to worry about refilling the reservoir on an urgent basis as 40 glasses last for quite some time. The filter lasts for around 40-50 gallons per filter.

Design: It is made from high-quality glass and chrome and designed in such a way to add aesthetic value to your kitchen, home, or office. The tap easily adjusts a regular size glass; if you want to fill large glasses from it, you will have to place it on a stand.

Effectiveness: The filter uses a 5 stage process to purify the water in the reservoir and removes 99.6 percent of total dissolved solids and other contaminants. They effectively reduce the lead, chromium, and chlorine content in the water and provide you with the purest drinking water.

Our Rating and Verdict: The effectiveness, economical price, and ergonomic design take this dispenser towards the higher end on our rating meter. We give it a 4.8 out of 5 ratings.

2. ZeroWater ZD-018 ZD018, 23 Cup Water Filter Pitcher with Water Quality Meter – Review

  • Capacity: 23 cups
  • Material: BPA-free
  • Type: Water filter pitcher

More Features: This water filter pitcher improves the taste and removes odor, chlorine, iron, rust and zinc from the water. It needs no installation.

ZeroWater 23 cup water purifier


Capacity: This dispenser offers a 23 cup capacity and the same filter capacity as listed above.

Design: A sleek and slim design makes it easier to adjust inside your refrigerator or to place inside the kitchen cabinets or side of your coffee machines. It comes with an innovative design that includes a water quality meter. The meter keeps on telling the quality of water you are drinking and what it was before. This gives you additional peace of mind. It is made from high-quality plastic, and the no-drip spigot is easy to use.

Effectiveness: Equally effective as the 40-cup dispenser, it removes all the harmful contents from the water and provides you with clean drinking water.

Our Rating and Verdict: The slim design makes it a perfect option for a refrigerator dispenser. We give it a 4.7 out of 5 ratings.

3. ZeroWater ZP-010, 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher with Water Quality Meter – Review

  • Capacity: 10 cup
  • Type: Water filter pitcher
  • Filter life: 40 – 50 gallons of water

More Features: The pitcher is made of BPA-free food-grade material that doesn’t create plastic odor in the water. It doesn’t need installation.

Zerowater ZP-010


Capacity: If you are looking for an option with a small capacity, then this is your best choice. It offers a 10 cup capacity and is great for one-time use. A perfect option for lunch, dinner, or office table; you do not need to worry about replacing the filter anytime soon because it lasts for 40-50 gallons of water.

Design: It is designed ergonomically to make pouring and refilling easy. The water meter at the top tells you about the quality of water every time you pour yourself a glass of pure water.

Effectiveness: Irrespective of the size, Zero filters are equally effective. Wither you go for a large dispenser or a pitcher, you will get the same quality water.

Our Rating and Verdict: It grabs a 4 out of 5 ratings. The slight dip in the score is due to the difficulty in cleaning the pitcher.

On-the-go Filtration

Who doesn’t need a glass of fresh water on the go? Either you are hitting the gym, shopping, traveling on a hot summer day, or planning to go backpacking, you need water, and if the water is pure and clean, nothing can be more refreshing than it. Zero offers the best on-the-go water filtration solutions.

4. ZeroWater ZT-026Si, On-The-Go 26 Ounce Water Filter Tumbler, Silver – Review

  • Capacity: 26 ounce
  • Filter life: 6 – 8 months
  • Filter technology: 5-stage

More Features: This compact and slim water filter pitcher comes with 5-stage technology and it’s a good option for travelers.

ZeroWater ZT-026Si


This tumbler is made from the finest quality materials. It has a water capacity of 26 ounces (0.76 litres). You may think that this is very less quantity, but it is enough for a couple of drinks and makes up to 3 glasses of water. It comes with a high-quality deep straw for easy sipping. Operating this tumbler is easy and user-friendly. All you have to do it twist the cap, refill, and you are good to go. The filter uses a 5-stage technology to filter water. Since this is just for personal use, a 40-gallon filter will be good for around 6-8 months. The effectiveness of the filter has already been explained in the models as mentioned earlier.

Our Rating and Verdict: Anything less than 4.6/5 will not do justice with this useful water tumbler.

Replacement Filters

A replacement filter is the most critical part of a water filtration system. Any company which compromises on the quality of water filters, they must not be used. Zero, in this regard, never compromises on the replacement filters. They are tested from the leading labs and are independently certified.

5. ZeroWater Replacement Filters BPA-Free Replacement Water Filters for ZeroWater Pitchers and Dispensers

  • Material: BPA-free food-grade
  • Type: water filter pitcher
  • Efficiency: 99.6%

More Features: This food-grade eco-friendly water filter pitcher is greatly efficient against all kinds of water contaminants.

Zerowater portable filter pitcher


Replacement filters from zero are made by keeping in mind the quality standards, and it is ensured that you get nothing but only the best. They work in a 5 stage process and filter up to 99.6 percent contaminants. They are economically priced as compared to other models, and the company offers excellent discounts if you buy in bulk. Zero filters are easy to remove and attach.

Our Rating and Verdict: one good thing about Zero filters is the compatibly with all the Zero filtration systems. Either you have a dispenser, pitcher, or a tumbler; replacement filter will be the same for all the three products. We give it a 4.7/5 score.

Some FAQs will help clear any doubts left in your mind about water filtration products.

Q: How does the Zero filter work?

A: Zero works in a 5 stage process. Each stage is designed in such a way to ensure that you are left with pure water fit for drinking purposes.

Stage 1: A coarse filter screen filters out fine particles and any sediment present in the water.

Stage 2: At stage 2, foam distributor disperses water more evenly across the entire width of the filter. This increases the filter’s ability to remove contaminants more effectively.

Stage 3: When the water reaches stage 3 of the filtration process, here, carbon and oxidation reduction alloy filter out and reduces the chlorine content, improve the taste, and prevent mold from forming when the filter is moist.

Stage 4: The dual comprehensive ion exchange resin helps in stripping foreign ions from the water molecules and brings it to the pure state.

Stage 5: At the last stage, the ultra-fine screen and membrane layers remove any fine particles left in the water.

All these stages help you in getting tasty and healthy water.

Q: Is the 5-stage filtration slower than the conventional 2 stage filtration?

A: Yes, as it is a 5-stage process, it takes more time to filter water, but the results are far better than the 2 stage process.

Q: Is the tumbler unbreakable?

A: The plastic quality is very good, and it will tolerate the usual falls, but if you through it from the top of a building or while doing hiking, it may not survive.

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