6 Quick Steps to Clean Refrigerator Water Dispenser

Water dispensers at your refrigerator doors are the easiest way to get a supply of pure cold/hot water for drinking purposes. Such features help not only help you and your family stays hydrated, but they also add value to your purchase by making it more versatile and easy to operate. One problem with refrigerator dispensers is that they get dirty over time, and you need to clean them periodically. Regular cleaning ensures that your dispensers have a long life, and you get clean water from them.

In this article, we will walk you through all the steps you need to perform to cleanse your refrigerator water dispenser. Before we begin, you must arrange the following things before getting to work to save time.

Things you need

  • White vinegar (3-4 cups)
  • Small Funnel
  • Clean Toothbrush (Soft bristles)
  • Clean Cloth or Towel
  • Screwdriver
  • Electric Tape
  • Jar or a container
  • Cotton balls

Now we will discuss all the Steps

stepsStep 1: Switch off your refrigerator and remove the plug. Only switching off is not enough; removing the plug is necessary for proper safety measures.

Step 2: Shut off the water supply to your dispenser. The shutting off valve is usually located on the backside of your door, or you can read the user manual to locate its position. Now find the copper tubing that supplies waters to the dispenser, remove it by loosening the screw that holds it. Empty the residual water from the dispenser faucet.

Step 3:Use the funnel to pour vinegar in the copper tube. Once you are done pouring the vinegar, hold the tube for 5 minutes, and then attach it to a nearby wall or the back of your refrigerator. Wait for 5 minutes. It will ensure that all the vinegar reaches the very end of the dispenser and does not stay in the tubing.

Step 4: Now open the dispenser faucet and empty all the vinegar till the last drop comes out. Do not worry if any of the vinegar is left behind. White vinegar tastes a bit awkward but does not harm you in any way. It will clean all the internal fixtures of the dispenser and remove out any bacteria or dirt inside. If your refrigerator dispenser has an ice maker, make sure you clean that as well. Empty the ice bin and turn the lever to the on position. It will drain out the vinegar from it as well.

Step 5:You have to clean the taps of your dispenser. Use the toothbrush to clean it up. Dipping the toothbrush in vinegar will make the process easy, and it will remove all the bacteria or dirt from the taps. Use the cotton balls dipped with vinegar to clean the inside of the faucets. Remember to scrub the other end of copper tubing as well for a more effective clean.

Step 6: Your dispenser also has a drainage try or small bucket. Remove it as well while you are cleaning the dispenser. Use toothbrush and vinegar to scrub out any bacteria, fungus, or dirt attached to it. You can also wash this bucket with a regular dishwasher.

Step 7: Once you are done cleaning all the parts of your dispenser, remove the copper pipe, and attach it back to your dispenser. Remember to tighten up the screw. Now flush out at least 1 bottle of water to remove any leftover vinegar from the dispenser. You may notice some dirt or green colored fungus in this water as well. Do not worry. It means that you have done everything in the right way.

Step 8: Lastly, use the clean towel to clean out the outer surfaces of the dispenser, such as faucets, drainage trays. This will help in removing any residual vinegar, bacteria, or dirt.


Most of the people ignore this vital task while cleaning their refrigerator or general kitchen clean up. It is significant for your health and the life of your refrigerator dispenser. We are sure that acting on the above simple steps, you will be able to enjoy pure and clean drinking water. If your refrigerator dispenser has a water filter, remember to check its condition as well. Replace it if its due date is near.

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