Diamond Crystal vs Morton Water Softener Salt [Compared]

Hard water is a serious issue that needs to be tackled. If you are confused that your household is affected by hard water problem or not, you can always look for the following signs:

Dry Skin and Dry Air: Hard water has a high proportion of calcium and magnesium. Shampoos and soaps cannot get rid of them, and this is why your skin and hair get dry. These elements also cause the air to get dry, which can cause breathing problems in the long run.

Scale Buildup on Your Appliances: Minerals in the hard water can cause a white-colored scale on tea kettles, coffee pots, and washing appliances. This scale can also be deposited on plumbing pipes, which in turn reduce the flow rate. Gradually, this will require you to repair your plumbing more often than usual.

Faded Clothes: Hard water causes clothes to get grey and faded. Your new clothes will look bad when washed with hard water.

Brittle Glass: When glass dishes are washed with hard water, they become brittle and prone to damage.

High Water Bill: When the pipes have to work more, more water is utilized. This causes the water bill to go high. If you notice an increase in your water bill, you are a victim of hard water.

The next thing you must be wondering is how to deal with the problem of hard water. Don’t worry, we have got you covered. In this article, we will be comparing a couple of top brands used to soften hard water. We will evaluate each brand so that you can get the best one according to your needs.

The Brands

We will compare the following brands in this review

  1. Diamond Crystal Water Softener Salt
  2. Morton Water Softener Salt

1. Diamond Crystal Water Softener Salt

  • Type: salt grains
  • Weight: 40 lbs
  • Best for: iron concentrated area

More Features: This product can be used to avoid rust buildup on laundry, fixtures, tubs, and sinks. It keeps you away from plumbing problems.

Diamond salt pellets


All the features of the diamond crystal are explained below

Physical Appearance: This salt comes in the form of soft pellets which are easily dissolvable in all waters.

Purity Meter: It is 99.6 per cent pure softener pellets and gives excellent results.

Usage: Diamond crystal is useful in the areas where there is high iron content in water.

Benefits: It prevents rust buildup on laundry, fixtures, tubs, and sinks. It helps in minimizing the buildup in plumbing pipes to keep your water running smoothly and keep your water bill in check.

Handling: The bag is designed ergonomically. The packing material used is of high quality. Carrying the bag and storing it easy.

Price Range:  A 40 Lbs. Bag costs around 8 dollars. Considering the benefits it brings, this is a minimal cost to pay.

2. Morton Water Softener Salt

  • Type: Soft crystals and pellets
  • Efficiency: 99.6%
  • Best for: Iron and minerals

More Features: It’s a bit costly than other water softener salts. Use this product on the area that’s rich in iron and mineral content and forget all plumbing problems.

Morton salt pellets


The following section will evaluate Morton Softener Salt

Physical Appearance: Morton comes in the form of crystals and pellets. Both are equally dissolvable and work with the same efficiency.

Purity Meter: As far as purity is concerned, Morton lags a little behind Diamond. It is around 99 per cent pure.

Usage: Since it is also a water softener, usage is also the same.

Benefits: It helps avoid the mineral buildup in pipes and appliances, thus improving efficiency and extending the life of your machines.

Handling: Morton also comes with a handle for easy transportation. However, the packing material is not as good as Diamond crystal.

Price Range: The price range for Morton is very high as compared to Diamond Crystal.


Comparison table for water softeners

Our Opinion and Verdict

A water softener can help you avoid huge expenses on plumbing repairs, buying new appliances and glass dishes. Some people are of the view that food-grade salt can also be used for water softening. We recommend you do not try this. Cooking salt can harm your electric appliances. Morton water softener salt is way better than Diamond Crystal when it comes to efficiency and results. We recommend you buy Morton and save your appliances from the destructive impacts of hard water. 

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