Express Water 3-Stage Water Filters Reviews: Basic, Heavy & Anti-scale Models

The need for a whole house water filtration system has dramatically increased in recent times due to poor water quality. Pollution, aging infrastructure, and an increase in population are the main contributing factors behind water contamination. The solution to this problem is installing a whole house water filtration system. A whole house water filtration plant not only allows you to use purified water at every water outlet in your home, but it also saves a considerable amount of money in the long run.

Express Water has made a name for itself in recent times due to its quality water filtration products. The whole house water filtration system from Express Water is an efficient, effective, and economical solution to your water filtration needs. In this review, we will critically analyze all the aspects of the whole house water filtration system from Express Water. For our buyer’s guide to best water filters, read this.

This is the only review guide you will need to read before buying Express Water Filtration System!

Some Quick Facts

  • Model: Express Water 3-Stage Home Water Filtration System
  • Capacity: 100,000 Gallons or 6-12 months for an average American household.
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty and free lifetime support
  • Flow Rate: 0.25 gallons/Second or 15 gallons/minute
  • Number of Filters: 3
  • Filter Lifespan: 100,000 Gallons or 6-12 months
  • Wastage: None
  • Dimensions: 23.5 x 8.5 x 29.2 inches
  • Weight: 62 Pounds
  • Color: Stainless steel

Let’s review the features in detail now


Express Water offers a working capacity of 100,000 gallons of water. Typically, this quantity of water lasts for around 6-12 months for an average American family. It depends upon the usage and size of your household. This capacity will allow you to do everything in your house with pure and clean water. Drinking, washing eatables, cooking, bathing, and gardening will be done with pure water. This will improve your family’s health, make the breathable air inside your home less polluted.


When we come to the filtration capabilities of Express Water, they are offering three different models based on the quality of water in your area. You can select the one according to your needs.

Express Water 3-Stage Water Filters (Comparison)

 Express Water 3-Stage Water Filters 
Editor's ChoiceBasic Model
  • 4-layer filtration system

  • below 5 microns filter capacity

  • Made of Vaccuum heated carbon

Heavy Metals Model
  • Best for heavy metals, chemicals and arsenic

  • Removes odor

  • Made of high-quality catalytic carbon

Anti Scale Model
  • up to 5 microns filter capacity

  • Improves taste

  • Increases chemical absorption


1. 3-Stage Home Water-Filtration System – Basic Model

Express Whole House water filtration system

The most basic model is suitable for areas where the water quality is not that poor. If your water does not have hard metals in it and your appliances and plumbing do not show any signs of scale build-up, then this model is perfect for you.

What it filters? The basic model filters all types of contaminants from the water except hard metals and scale causing elements. It will effectively reduce 99 percent of chlorine, rust, sediments, pesticides, sand, insecticides, silt, pharmaceuticals, Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs), and odors from your water. Drink pure and clean water from all outlets in your home without any fear.

How it filters? The system uses a three-stage process to filter out all the unwanted substances from your water source.

First Stage: At the first stage, all the sediments are filtered from your water. This step purifies your water from any residue (sand, rust, and dust) and ensures that no particle goes to the next stage, ensuring the safety of the next filter. The filter used here is made with high-quality food-grade polypropylene. It has 4 layers that can catch contaminants as small as 5 microns. 

Second Stage: The granular activated carbon filter removes all the harmful elements from water and reduces the proportion of chlorine, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), industrial solvents, pesticides, and other chemicals that cause bad odour and cloudiness in water. The filter is made with carbon granules to improve the contact time and give better results. It also increases chemical absorption during filtration.  

Third Stage: The activated carbon block filter (ACB) at the third stage ensures that your water is odorless, and any residual chlorine is filtered here. It also removes pharmaceuticals and total organic carbon. This filter works on the taste improvement odor reduction from your water. ACB is made from vacuum heated carbon to increase the surface area and contact time with water for more effective results.

2. 3-Stage Home Water-Filtration System – Heavy Metal Filtration

Express Water heavy metal filter for homes

If you live in an area with the presence of heavy metals in your area, Express Water 3-stage filtration system with heavy metal is your best option to filter your water. It is an enhancement to the previously discussed version, so it will filter all the elements mentioned above and also filter heavy metals.

What it filters? The heavy metals model filters all the heavy metals from your water like iron, lead, mercury, sulfur, aluminum, copper, hydrogen sulfate, nickel, and chromium. It will also effectively reduce chlorine, insecticides, pesticides, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), pharmaceuticals, and remove any odor from your drinking water.

How it filters? This model also uses three stages for water filtration. The first and third stages are the same as already discussed above so that we will elaborate only second stage here.

Second Stage: At the second stage, Express Water has employed the use of Kinetic Degradation Fluxion filter (KDF). It captures iron, lead, mercury, chromium, and other heavy metals present in your water. Apart from this, it also works against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and algae to give your pure drinking water. Chlorine is reduced here to make your water odor free and further pure. KDF filter is made with high-quality catalytic carbon and charged copper and zinc granules. KDF design gives you maximum absorption by increasing water contact time.

3. 3-Stage Home Water-Filtration System – Anti Scale Model

Express Water filter

If you are noticing a scale builds up on your appliances and in your plumbing fixtures, you are a victim of heavy water. Please keep in mind that heavy water is not the same as the water with the presence of heavy metals. Heavy water also causes your water bill to go up, makes your skin and hair dry and drastically degrades the air quality inside your house. To get rid of this, you need an anti-scale water filtration System.

What it filters? It filters all the elements causing scale in your appliances and plumbing like calcium and magnesium. Apart from this, this is equally efficient when it comes to removing chlorine, insecticides, pesticides, bacteria, viruses, sediments, and other harmful substances in your water.

How it filters? A three-stage filtration model which helps in providing your pure and clean water. The first and third stage is the same.

Second Stage: In the anti-scale model, the second stage uses a Polyphosphate Filter. The filter prevents scale build-up and avoids corrosion. You may be thinking that why use an anti-scale filter when you can do the same work with a water softener. A water softener only stops the scale build-up; this filter disrupts the scale formation. It binds the calcium receptors in your water supply, and it acts as a water conditioner. This prevents the calcium from attaching to other calcium particles in your pipes, showers, sinks, and other appliances. The filter also works effectively on all the harmful substances in your water, like chlorine, bacteria, viruses, and other elements already mentioned. The filter is made with food-grade sodium polyphosphate crystal beads. This is a slow dissolving compound. It gives your filters a longer life as compared to other filters with the same properties.           


The system uses three filters for every model. The first and third filters are the same for all three models. The second filter varies with respect to the model you are planning to buy or currently using at your home.

1. Basic Model

The filtration capacity, effectiveness, and power have already been discussed. The first filter is the sediment filter, second is the granular activated carbon filter, and the third is the activated carbon block filter. All the filters work together to give you healthy and pure water.

2. Heavy Metal Filtration Model

For the heavy filtration model, the second filter is made from high-quality catalytic carbon and charged copper and zinc granules. It is known as KDF.

3. Anti-Scale Model

Anti-scale models use a Polyphosphate Filter. It ensures that your appliances have no scale build-up, and you get pure drinking water as well.

Filters Replacement Guide

Replacing the filters is an easy task. All you need to do is to twist the filter and replace it. It will just take 5 minutes. There is no need for screw tightening and using plumbing equipment to replace the filters. Filters have a life span of 100,000-gallons of 6-12 months. For efficient working and better flow rates, we recommend you change the filters at the prescribed time.

1. Technical Details

All components used in the making of these filtration systems are tested techniques for high performance under maximum usage conditions. They are verified to meet NSF/ANSI standards. The pipes are made from food-grade ABS and PCE plastics. The connectors used to connect the pipes are industrial grade high capacity flow connectors. All connections are standard 1-inch to easy adaptability and high flow rate. The gauges at the top of every filter tell you the pressure of the water in that particular filter. Technically, it is a very sound filter. All the components used are of high-quality and tested independently to meet all the performance standards.

2. Installation

Installing the filtration system can be easy for you if you know your way around the plumbing fixtures of your home. It comes with a free-standing frame so you can choose between a mounted or standalone installation. All the items required for installation comes with the system.

3. Price Review

It is crucial to consider the price of the system you are buying. Basic model costs around $12-15 per month, heavy metal filtration model and anti-scale model are $15-18 per month. Considering the per month cost, it is a very economical price as compared to getting filtered water delivered at your home or using pitchers/dispenser or point of use water filtration system for drinking water. These options do not have the luxury of getting pure water at all places in your home.

Further, if you want to get pure water for bathing purposes, you will need shower filtration systems. The cost of buying one time and regular replacement cost will be very high as compared to the price you will incur by buying the Express Water whole house filtration system. You will also have to replace a lot of filters, so that will be an additional hassle.

4. Warranty

All the units come under a 1-year warranty and free lifetime support. Users have reported that Express Water’s warranty and customer care department go the extra mile for their customers.  


  • Easy to operate
  • Economical
  • The choice to select the model as per your need
  • Easy installation
  • Efficient results of up to 99 per cent


  • Leakage may occur in some units, but it can easily be stopped by applying Teflon tape.

Our Opinion and Verdict 

We have done a lot of research on whole house water filtration systems. Express Water is providing very efficient and economical solutions for whole-house filtration systems. We rate this product at 9.6 out of 10. Its ease of use, economical price, design, and material quality are all worthy of the hype it is getting. Buy it with full confidence and enjoy pure and clean water at every point of use in your home.

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