LG LT1000P Review

LG is one of the leading refrigerator brands; its refrigerators are durable, power-saving and perform excellently. Just like all the other leading brands, LG offers refrigerators with water filters. These filters provide you with pure, cold drinking water and ice. The durability, high efficiency and easy replacement, all set apart the LG refrigerator water filters from other ordinary filters. One such filter is the LG LT1000P Vertical Refrigerator Water Filter.

It is being held as one of the best refrigerator water filter being produced by LG. in this review; we are going to evaluate the different features of this filter and also give our verdict in the end. Before you make your mind to buy this model, or you are not sure whether this model will work with your refrigerator, then you must check the compatibility here.

LG LT1000P Vertical Refrigerator Water Filter

  • Efficiency: 99.6%
  • Filtration Capacity: 200 gallons
  • Best for: heavy metals, sediment, and pesticides

More Features: It’s a perfect water filter for small families. This water filter removes the chlorine taste and smell from water and makes it sediment-free.

LG water purifier

All the important features are explained below


The first thing that comes to our mind while buying a refrigerator water filter is the compatibility. On the whole, it is compatible with a lot of French door refrigerator models, side by side refrigerators and models coming with space plus ice system. To know about compatibility, click the link above. We recommend that you do not buy any refrigerator filter before checking the compatibility as returning the product can be a big hassle at times.


A water filter must be certified by NSF and ANSI. LG LT1000P is certified from both of these bodies and meets the standards 42 and 53 for refrigerator water filtration. In order to get a certification, manufacturers have to make sure that they consistently meet some standards and maintain high quality. Consider it as a piece of advice: either you are buying a refrigerator water filter or a tap water filter, look for certifications.

Filtration Capacity

It offers a comprehensive filtration capacity of 200 gallons. The time this filter will work depends upon your usage. For a small family, 200-gallon capacity is enough for 3-4 months. What’s important here is the flow rate that he filters give during their filtration capacity is not over; don’t worry about this if you are buying LT1000P as it will not slow the flow rate. You will keep on getting your water as if you had installed the filter yesterday.

Filtration Capability

This feature is critical when you don’t have a whole house water alteration system, or you are using city water or well water with your refrigerator. The LT1000P can remove chlorine taste and smell from water, heavy metals such as iron, mercury, and lead, sediment, pesticides, cysts, asbestos, atrazine,  and rust smell or taste from water. It may not be able to remove bacteria from your water because bacteria are tiny in size and is only captured by a RO membrane or killed by UV light.

Filter Replacement

Another concern while buying a water filter is the replacement method, the LT1000P and all the LG filters is easy. You just have to reach for the specific compartment where the filter is installed, open the box, twist the filter out, insert the new one, twist it back, close the box and you are good to go. All of it will take a maximum of 5 minutes of your time.

Our Rating and Verdict

Considering all the features of the product, we would give this filter a 4.0 rating out of 5. The reason behind the dip in the rating is the problem with the customer service of LG. In case any problem happens with the filter, you would be directed to a third party and not the company itself. Dealing with other companies is a hassle and time-consuming thing to do in the present times with a busy routine. The working of the filter is outstanding and has no issues. If the customer service is made better by LG, then this filter would get a much higher rating.

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